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Tunnel Association of India Young Members (TAIym) in collaboration with Civil Engineering Forum (CEF), IIT Delhi and Alumni Association, IIT Delhi organized an event “Young Professionals Initiative on Developing Underground Spaces”, on 19th September 2019 at IIT Delhi. The event was blessed by Prof N K Garg (Head, Civil Engineering Department, IIT Delhi), Prof K S Rao (Civil Engineering Department, IIT Delhi), Lt Gen Suresh Sharma (Sr. Vice President, TAI) and Mr. V K Kanjlia (TAI General Secretary). This event was witnessed by lots of young engineers including consultants, contractors, students and research scholars leading to a great response with massive participation of 120+ people. All the speakers and many professionals attending the event were the alumni of IIT Delhi. It was a well-aimed at spreading awareness about the association and motives of TAIym to the younger upcoming engineers. The guests and the team successfully conveyed the importance of TAIym in the tunnelling and underground industry in India and its collaborations with various consultants, contractors, suppliers and student organizations. TAIym’s committee also has one of the master’s student from IIT D has a student representative who is involved and informed of most of the events and the developments within the association.