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Webinar 1

Date: 30th May 2020
Topic: Planning and execution of the Tideway Central Section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel in Central London
Presenter: Mr. Russel Brown (Tunnel Technical Director) from L&T
Brief of the Webinar: It was comprehensive talk by Russell Brown, who was a part of the site team for planning and execution of the Tideway Central Section near the most busiest street of Europe, the Kirtling street. From logistics including supply of equipment and segments over the river, shaft construction, hyperbaric situations to work in TBM, customizing the TBM, special vehicles and set up to maneuver the TBM and other equipment, special elevated conveyors to muck handling.

Webinar 2

Date: 23rd May 2020
Topic: Strategy of investigations for long tunnels
Presenter: Dr. Gopal Dhawan (Founder & Chairman) from Dr Dhawan Academy of Geologists (DDAG Pvt Ltd)
Brief of the Webinar: Adequate tunnel exploration program is no more a borehole at each portal and one in the mid-way of the tunnel alignment. Tunnel  design methods are moving to ‘optimized’ from ‘conservative’; and so should the investigation campaigns. The adequacy of site investigation cannot be measured by cost alone. The goal to determine the nature of subsurface formations with reasonable accuracy and their behavior while tunnelling comes at highly variable cost depending on prior experience and geological complexity of the site.

Webinar 3

Date: 16th May 2020
Topic: Construction Stage Analysis of Tunnel with Cross Passage staged analyses using MIDAS GTX NX
Presenter: Mr. T Harsha, Engineer at MIDAS
Brief of the Webinar: It was based on 3D FEM analysis of a tunnel with cross passage with all construction stage simulated.

Tunnelling Asia 2019 – February 2019

TAI in collaboration with ITA held a conference in Mumbai on the theme “Underground Facilities for Better Environment and Safety: Issues and Challenges” which was preceded by a workshop on “Conventional Tunnelling: Issues and Challenges”. 300 professionals from Austria, Brazil, Singapore, Hongkong, China, Germany, Malaysia and India participated in this event in the presence of the ITA President Tarcisio Celestino and Vice President Jenny Yan. TAIym participated in the event with a membership drive and reaching out as the objective. Sandeep, our very own chair was also declared the Young Tunneller India 2018, for his outstanding contributions, making us all proud.

First Event – April 2019

TAIym’s first event was a fervent cumulation of synergy of young tunnellers, veterans, professors and students. TAIym thanks everyone who participated in the event in person and joined online. The group grew in volume and energy. Following the welcome address by TAI Secretary General Mr V K Kanjlia, it was an appreciative thought-provoking opening speech by TAI President and MD DMRC Dr Mangu Singh. The gathering was delighted to hear to Lt Gen Suresh Sharma who asked us to aspire high and be connected. Our adhoc chair Mr Sandeep Nirmal presented the journey of TAIym till date and its plans for the future. The first key note lecture was by renowned engineer Dr Florian Krenn who emphasized the importance of sound basics and good engineering judgement. These were followed by interesting talks by Mr. Aejaz, Mr Akshay Mitra Panwar and Ms. Swati, covering different aspects of tunnelling. TAIym recognizes the support and enthusiasm of our sponsors, GeoConsult and Bekaert-Maccaferri for believing in us, investing their time and experience and sponsoring this event.

TAIym @ WTC 2019

Tunnel Congress – 2019. The theme of WTC – 2019 was “Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovations meet Archeology, Architecture and Art”. Naples was the best choice as the venue being an ancient city that has rich culture and art under its terrains. WTC – 2019 was a wonderful experience for the young professionals from India. Four papers were presented by the young members of TAIym in WTC – 2019 proceedings. Sandeep was also elected as steering board member of ITAym for two years.

September 2019

Tunnel Association of India Young Members (TAIym) in collaboration with Civil Engineering Forum (CEF), IIT Delhi and Alumni Association, IIT Delhi organized an event “Young Professionals Initiative on Developing Underground Spaces”, on 19th September 2019 at IIT Delhi. The event was blessed by Prof N K Garg (Head, Civil Engineering Department, IIT Delhi), Prof K S Rao (Civil Engineering Department, IIT Delhi), Lt Gen Suresh Sharma (Sr. Vice President, TAI) and Mr. V K Kanjlia (TAI General Secretary). This event was witnessed by lots of young engineers including consultants, contractors, students and research scholars leading to a great response with massive participation of 120+ people. All the speakers and many professionals attending the event were the alumni of IIT Delhi. It was a well-aimed at spreading awareness about the association and motives of TAIym to the younger upcoming engineers. The guests and the team successfully conveyed the importance of TAIym in the tunnelling and underground industry in India and its collaborations with various consultants, contractors, suppliers and student organizations. TAIym’s committee also has one of the master’s student from IIT D has a student representative who is involved and informed of most of the events and the developments within the association.