Tunnelling Asia 2023

Climate Resilience and Sustainability in tunnelling and Underground Space

22-23rd  November 2023 at Hotel ITC Maratha, Mumbai


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Technical Session I – Sustainable in Underground Planning, Design, Construction and Operation of Tunnel and Underground Projects
  TAI Activities and Overview of Tunnelling Segment in India Lt. Gen. Suresh Sharma (Retd.) Sr. Vice President, TAI    
1. Keynote speaker: Sustainability in underground planning, design, construction and operation of tunnel and underground projects – Dr. Bineshan Hoss, Sandeep Gupta and R.K. Hegde 
2. Keynote Speaker: Execution strategies in delivering sustainable urban infrastructure project of Mumbai Metro Line 3 – Subodh Gupta 
3. Sustainability of Underground works – Thoughts from the Designer – Dr. Florian Krenn 
4. Structural and sustainability requirement for precast segment push for the use of high
performance steel fibre – Benoit de Rivaz
5. Presentation by - Rowan Palmer, UNEP/ Prof. Nikolai Bobylev, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia  
Technical Session II – Sustainable in Underground Planning, Design, Construction and Operation of Tunnel and Underground Projects
1. Harnessing the Power of Geophysics for Tunnel/ Underground Projects in Pre-
Construction, Construction, and Maintenance Stages – Sanjay Rana
2. Risk analysis and risk sharing in tunnelling works for Metro Rail Projects – Subrahmanya Gudge
3. Urban underground space utilization and sustainability for Pune Metro - Kummar Ashish, Neeraj Gadgil, Benny Joseph and Atul Gadgil  
4. Design and Planning of Excavation Sequence and Blasting Techniques for large UG
caverns – Rakesh Khali and Naveen Bahuguna
5. Sustainable Solution for safe TBM operation - Manish Gautam
  Defining the future of underground -  ARGENTIUM    
Technical Session III – Industry Special aspects
1. Use of stainless steel in tunnel and underground structures – Jindal Steel
2. Large diameter TBM tunneling in urban areas and challenges – Nitin Garg, Herrenknecht
3. Mechanized tunnelling: improving the environmental impact of chemical products
without impacting technical performance – Enrico Dal Negro, Richard Schulkins,
Subodh Neneh, Alessandro Boscaro, Mapei
4. Terratec – Always advancing - Terratec 
5. Sustainable Solution for Sprayed Concrete in Underground Projects - A Holistic
Approach – Sourish Nanda, Director, Admixtures, Normet UK Ltd.
6. Passive fire protection & light reflective coating of tunnel – Pushpam Kumar, Sika
7. Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Permanent Rock-bolts in Mined caverns used
for Underground Storage of Hydrocarbons – P. Hofmann and P. Neveu
8. Elkem Microsilica in tunnelling shotcrete – Dr. Ahmed Khalifa
9. Carfoam Exposed Sheet For Tunnelwaterproofing, Spain and Hindcon Chemicals Limited by  Fernando Gordun (CEO) & Subrata Bakshi (Indian Representative) Tunnel Waterproofing SL 
10. Innovation and application of synthetic fibers in tunnel construction – Shashidhara K.H.
Technical Session IV – Tunnel & Cavern Construction, Investigation, Technologies, Equipment & Safety Issues including Contracting
1. Maintenance strategies – an indispensible part of sustainability in tunnelling – Prof.
Robert Galler, Chairman ITACET
2.  Overcoming the squeezing ground challenges to complete the La Línea Tunnel- The Central cordillera crossing in Colombia - Andres Marulanda, ITA 1st Vice President  
3.  Role of quality management in secondary lining with steel fiber reinforced sprayed concrete: A case study of Sahar road crossover. - Suyash Trivedi, Vikas Gudadhe and Nikhil Titirmare 
4.  Innovation and contracting in tunnelling - Adaptive measures and climate change – Dr. Harald Wagner    
5.  A critical analysis of suitability of engineering procurement construction (EPC) contracts and new FIDIC Emerlad Book Form of contract in underground excavation and construction projects - Colonel Parikshit 
6. Construction of head race tunnel of Vishnugad-Pipalkoti HE Project (444 MW) in extreme geological conditions : Issues and challenges - A case study - R.K. Khali and Sandeep Potnis   
Technical Session V – Urban Tunnelling
1. Analysis Analysis of activities in TBM tunneling operation - Jamal Rostami, ITA Vice President   
2.  Reimagining resource efficiency in India's urban underground spaces – Mahak Agrwal 
3.  Looking beyond conventional: Alternate approach of designing Sadar Bazar metro station - Nitin Singh Rajput, Gyan Prakash Bansal and Saurabh Sharma  
4.  Impact of TBM Tunnels on brick sewer drain in Kanpur Metro Project, Contract – KNPCC05 -Swarup Maiti, Ugur Kilimci, Cengiz Terzioğlu  
5. Major engineering challenges encountered during construction stage - A case study – North South corridor of Pune Metro rail project, Pune, Maharashtra - Prof. Dr. Sandeep Potnis, Anand Singh, Lalit Kumar Verma
6.  A case study of ground support systems employed in NATM stations of Mumbai Metro Line 3 - Dr. Pradeep Chaitanya Jasti, Michael Tang and Srinivas Rao Jalam 
Technical Session VI – TAIYM Group Session
1. TAIYM activities
2.  Case study on the use of normal and retractable micro-tunnelling machines for pipe roof support construction for linkways for Cantonment Station – Diwakar Velu and Kim Yeow Yap
3.  Design Concepts, Optimisation and Challenges of an Underground Metro Interchange Station in Mixed Ground Conditions - Chiranjib SARKAR
4.   Deriving design parameters for structures in ground using I-System  - Chiraag Upadhye, Dr Sandeep Potnis, Dr Bineshian Hoss
5.  Challenges and Remedies during Construction of the North-south Corridor of Pune Metro through Deccan Basaltic Rocks - A Case Study -  Karan Lakhani, Anand Singh, Dr. Sandeep Potnis
6.  Reinforced Rib Shotcrete for Underground Tunnels in India: Sprayed Concrete Lined
Tunnels – Akx Malika